Beer-Braised Beef Back Ribs

24 Jan 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in beverages, recipes

I see the mastering of lesser cuts of meat as the mark of a true cook, so I have set out to master the art of braising. Let’s face it: Anyone can serve a decent filet mignon — there isn’t a whole lot of cooking involved. Plus, I wanted to test my new All-Clad pan.

Why I Heart Emily

21 Jan 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

Thanks to my darling C.C. Chapman, I was pointed in the direction of one Emily Cavalier, upon whom I’ve proceeded to develop a ridiculous girl-crush.

Chanterelle Soup: Sex in a Bowl?

19 Jan 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in recipes

That’s what Hank Shaw says, anyway. I’ve just finished the redesign on his site, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, and one of the job hazards was to be found in perusing his content whilst re-coding.

Rosemary-Scented Hair

17 Jan 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in indulgences, recipes

I am a big proponent of smelling edible, and I’ve been experimenting with aromatics the past few months to find the scents that really kick my senses into overdrive.

Beauty: A (Non) Senseless Indulgence

13 Jan 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in sensuality

Things of beauty are never useless. Whether they are found in the evocative center of a fig, the smell of baking bread, or our lover’s cologne, they make us feel alive, and consciously aware of witnessing something to give us pause.

White Pizza with Crab & Asparagus

09 Jan 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in recipes

When my friend Paul started talking about this pizza he prepared, I believe I may have dribbled on my shirt. This combination of flavors is veritably sex on a plate.

Edward Cullen’s Secret

05 Jan 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in sensuality

There have been volumes written about the mystique of Edward Cullen — why he makes women crazy in ways that perhaps no male, real or fictional, has done save for the blinding presence of Elvis Presley.

Our Online Culinary School is Open!

01 Jan 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in news & buzz

You’ve been asking, so we thought 2010 would be a great time to open the doors of our new online school, the Culinary Media Network Academy. From cooking techniques to lifestyle tips, we’ll be adding the types of classes that will help take your kitchen and entertaining skills to the next level.

A Crowdsourced Christmas

16 Dec 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

Twas the night before Christmas, and Jennifer freaked out. In the middle of cooking, her power went out. With dozens of guests already en route, Her feckless attempt at a meal was moot. She went through her iPhone, Twitter and spam, Surely someone could spare a ham. But who would be cooking? That was the key. With a gasp she knew, and called C.C. “Code Blue in the kitchen!” she frantically said. “If I don’t come up with a meal, I’m dead!” “Don’t worry,” said C.C. “I’ve got a good vibe, Let me call Brogan and rally the tribe.” Together…

Foie Gras: Making Informed Choices

04 Dec 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in farm, news & buzz

I’ve met many artisanal farmers over the years, and to a person they care passionately about their work, their livestock, and for raising them in a humane way. In the end, it makes the food taste better. A stressed out cow or duck is going to have some very tough meat for you to chew, so it is in the farmer’s best interest to keep his livestock calm and happy.

Cyber Monday: Gourmet Gift Specials

30 Nov 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in news & buzz

We don’t know about you, but we’d rather avoid the mall this time of year. It’s simply not in our natures to stand in line at 6AM (unless it’s for something fabulous at the farmer’s market). In case you feel that way, too, we’re doing something special for this year’s “Cyber Monday” sale day in the Gilded Fork Gourmet Boutique, so we invite you to peruse our offers below. Then we can all stay at home and revel in Thanksgiving leftovers and pajamas while everyone else does that standing-in-line thing. Besides, we have a new venture to unveil in December,…