A Tale of Two Women

04 Jun 2013, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food, wellness

This is my first post for, an organization I’m honored to work with not only because of their humanitarian efforts, but also for the use of “hard-headed” in their tagline. The photo above is courtesy of my dear friend C.C. Chapman, who toured Ghana with ONE last year. *** I’ve had two women on my mind lately. They are counterpoints; polar ends of a spectrum whose very existence is difficult to reconcile. Each woman is fighting a battle — to the death — on her own end of the spectrum. And though one of them faces a matter of…

Everyday Indulgences: Olive Oil Facial Scrub

10 May 2013, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food, indulgences, recipes

Though I would love to be indulgently pampering myself with a spa day right now, the very thought of such a luxury seems sadly far off. Having said that, my soul and skin need a little rejuvenation every now and then to keep the stress at bay. For me, there’s nothing more sensually satisfying than baby-soft skin, and there are lots of ways to achieve this right at home. Here’s a little secret: Chefs swear by olive oil and kosher salt for exfoliating hands. In the same vein, but a bit more delicate, is a scrub I use for my…

Exercising the Mental Mouth

26 Jan 2012, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food, sensuality

I’ve just received the first set of menu ideas for my first Sex on a Plate™ event, which will be part of a documentary called “Eat, Cook, Love” in which I’ll be featured as a food expert. The subject matter is the art of lost indulgence, so I think I’ve got this. As I review the flavor profiles, my mental mouth is hard at work to determine what I think will work, and what I might like to tweak. So I thought this was a good time to talk more in depth about this phrase to which I’m constantly referring….

Comfort Food

11 Sep 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

I wasn’t at work that day. I had a doctor’s appointment. When I first heard the news I made a joke, saying “It’s a good thing I didn’t commute in.” It sounded like someone had mismanaged a stunt plane. My office was in midtown, but I knew the train schedules would be a mess. It wasn’t until I turned on my car radio that the gravity of the situation hit me: People were jumping from the World Trade Center. I backed out of my parking spot so fast I almost hit an oncoming car, and drove home with the pedal…

Pass the Salt?

11 Mar 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food, news & buzz

First they came for the foie gras.

Now, the self-appointed police of all things have decided to attack…salt. Yes, salt. That mainstay of cooking, that critical ingredient to every baker on the planet, and flavor enhancer to every dish that comes out of a kitchen, professional or otherwise.

Sounds of Spring

07 Mar 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

My palate is responding to the sounds around me with cravings for spring vegetables and sunnier flavors. How about yours?

Why I Heart Emily

21 Jan 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

Thanks to my darling C.C. Chapman, I was pointed in the direction of one Emily Cavalier, upon whom I’ve proceeded to develop a ridiculous girl-crush.

A Crowdsourced Christmas

16 Dec 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

Twas the night before Christmas, and Jennifer freaked out. In the middle of cooking, her power went out. With dozens of guests already en route, Her feckless attempt at a meal was moot. She went through her iPhone, Twitter and spam, Surely someone could spare a ham. But who would be cooking? That was the key. With a gasp she knew, and called C.C. “Code Blue in the kitchen!” she frantically said. “If I don’t come up with a meal, I’m dead!” “Don’t worry,” said C.C. “I’ve got a good vibe, Let me call Brogan and rally the tribe.” Together…

Gilded Fork Cookbook Giveaways

21 Oct 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

Psst…in case you didn’t notice, over at Culinary Media Network we’re posting a weekly contest from now through the end of the year to give away signed copies of our Gilded Fork: Entertaining at Home cookbook. We’ve had two winners so far, and a slew of comments, so this is getting fun! The first contest asked for your top 5 dinner party guests (living or dead), and the second asked who inspires you most in this new media space. We’ll have a variety of things to ask you, so get your mental mouths in gear!

My Kind of Las Vegas

20 Oct 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food, travel

When I decided to go to BlogWorld & New Media Expo this year, I had one of those double-edged sword moments. I couldn’t wait to see old friends and make new ones — but ugh, Las Vegas. It’s the one town I try to avoid, because it just isn’t for me. My kind of gambling involves business risk, so I am maddened by the “ding-ding-ding” when I walk through casino mazes designed to keep you trapped inside when you just want daylight. This trip, thankfully, was a bit different. Planet Hollywood Resort invited me to stay as their guest during…

Alternatives to French Fries

13 Oct 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food, recipes

Sometimes one really needs a carb fix, but plain old French fries just aren’t enough. I’ve grown bored with potatoes, but there are times when I love — nay, need — a good crunchy starch with my dinner. I’ve been experimenting with a variety of different ones to keep my palate enthused, and two of my regular favorites are sweet potato fries and yucca fries (thank you, Peru!). Sweet Potato Fries These couldn’t be easier to make. Preheat the oven to 400 F. Peel a sweet potato, cut into fry-size strips, then toss with some olive oil, salt and freshly…