Chanterelle Soup: Sex in a Bowl?

19 Jan 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in recipes

chanterelle-soup-recipeThat’s what Hank Shaw says, anyway. I’ve just finished the redesign on his site, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, and one of the job hazards was to be found in perusing his content whilst re-coding. But oh, the distraction of sausages.

While on this train of thought, I found his chanterelle soup and chortled. Yes, chortled, because he called it “sex in a bowl.” This is why I like Hank.

That, and he swears as much as I do, which makes for awesome phone calls. Here’s how he felt about the soup:

Holy sweet Jesus on the cross was this good!  The flavor hammers you with chanterelle’s beguiling flavor, backed with a whiff of saffron, the creamy mouthfeel of a classic veloute (stock whisked with a blond roux), and a slightly slutty wink from the dash of Armagnac I put in, all given added heft from a liaison of cream and egg yolks.

Sex in a bowl, indeed. Now get going.

Photo: Holly Heyser