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food philosophy (tm)Launched as a podcast in April 2006, food philosophy™ started with audio and later incorporated video programming. The show was also part of Sirius satellite radio’s lineup from 2006-2008.

From interviews with renowned chefs like Thomas Keller, Ming Tsai and Geoffrey Zakarian, to teasing from food entrepreneurs like former New York Yankee Reggie Jackson, to truffle hunting in the hills of Italy (that one was really fun), I invite you to come along as I explore food, wine and spirits around the globe. As it’s kind of my thing, the show focuses on an exploration of sensuality through food — I like to get to the “why” behind the what of anyone who has chosen food and wine as a passionate life path.

Below are the audio archives from what I’ll now call version 1.0 of the show, featuring some of the world’s greatest chefs, purveyors and food personalities. (See the link below for video.)

audio shows 2006-2010*

*see videos here

special episodes: cooking from a to z

These started when my identical twin nephews Alex and Zachary, who have been with me at the stove since they were about three years old, agreed to play in the kitchen with me. I gave them their first sniff of cardamom, and had them pronouncing “gastronomy” like champions. Cooking from A to Z is a gathering of some of the kitchen adventures (and gaffes) I had with my mini sous-chefs. I must admit they’ve been slacking lately, as they seem to be so busy with baseball and the Xbox and becoming teenagers. Oh, and girls. But I will treasure these memories forever, particularly thanks to Zachary’s unforgettable line:

“When we make bread we have to wash our hands so
the bread doesn’t taste like hand, right Jen?”