FP2: Chef Jean-Louis Gerin

08 Apr 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in chefs & restaurants, podcast Play in new window | Download | EmbedContinuing our exploration of labels, we look at gourmets, gourmands, gastronomes and gluttons with French author James de Coquet. Unfortunately, the book A letter to gourmets, gourmands, gastronomes and gluttons about their behaviour at table and in private is no longer available, but it was released by Relais & Chateaux in 1996. In my first chef interview, James Beard nominated chef Jean-Louis Gerin from Restaurant Jean-Louis in Greenwich, CT shares his latest explorations of food and sensuality, and weighs in with some provocative thoughts on “foodies,” celebrity chefs, and life behind the…

CPN Welcomes Chef Ming Tsai!

07 Apr 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

We are thrilled to announce that Chef Ming Tsai is the newest member of the Culinary Podcast Network. The Simply Ming Videocast delivers his unique brand of culinary instruction, which has been an inspiration for both professional and amateur cooks, and we are honored to have him as part of our collection of shows. Host Ming Tsai shares simple tips on everything from wine basics to filleting fish in this complementary videocast to Simply Ming, the PBS program from WGBH Boston. Ming is the Chef/Owner of the world-renowned East/West bistro Blue Ginger, Emmy award winning host of the Food Network’s…

What’s in a Label?

04 Apr 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

Continuing our discussion on labels and the power of language, we’ve put up a poll on the forum to see what term you might use to define yourself as a food lover. Is it foodie? Gourmet? Gourmand? Gastronome? Do you refuse to wear a label at all? Registration is required to vote, but not to discuss, so take a minute and give us a click. gilded fork, foodie, gourmet, gourmand, gastronome

Listener Feedback

02 Apr 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

An interesting discussion has begun over on the CPN blog about my first show and my dislike of the term “foodie.” As I had anticipated, some people will not be happy about what I had to say, but I think this is a great opportunity to start a dialogue on the very subject. I am equally passionate about food and serious about ideas, and I’m interested in hearing your thoughts, positive or negative.

FP1: Foodies

01 Apr 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in podcast

In my first show, we’re diving right in with an examination of the word “foodie”: what does it mean, and why should it disappear from the culinary lexicon?

Introducing the Food Philosophy Podcast!

31 Mar 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

Introducing the Food Philosophy Podcast Join host Jennifer Iannolo as she explores food with a pinch of philosophy, a dash of sensuality, and a heaping tablespoon of sass. food, food podcast, cooking, philosophy, Food Philosophy, ReMARKable Palate, Culinary Podcast Network, gilded fork, Jennifer Iannolo

Feeding Frenzy

06 Jul 2005, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

After another wonderful weekend of cooking, tasting, and sipping cocktails with great friends, I’ve returned to my desk with thoughts anew. Though it certainly can be said that the ideal way to savor a meal is by sitting at a gorgeous table, calmly partaking of an array of dishes, there is a special kick I experience when the food doesn’t even make it that far. Upon presenting a lovely, simple roast beef perfumed with cloves of garlic and spices, I watched as the first tastes were supplanted by blatant grazing, with everyone gathered around the counter. In minutes the roast…

A Sense of Life

03 Jun 2005, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

After giving this subject much thought, I have come to form a hypothesis that the connection between openness to the sublime pleasure of food and to sensuality may be rooted in one’s sense of life. To swoon over a forkful of something divine — one that inspires rolling of the eyes and primal groans — requires a person to be open enough to experience a feeling of pleasure that deeply. This would likely be apparent in a person who also revels in the art of making love. I think of a person who can feel all the way to his…

Gastronomic Greats

23 May 2005, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

Gastronomy has always captured a special place in my soul. Though I love to cook, it is the study of food’s cultural and historical impact by which I am consumed. There is a small group of individuals who added timber to what is now a pyre of passion within me, and I am compelled to celebrate their impact on my thinking. Beginning with the June issue, I will begin to delve into the colorful history of these magnificent individuals, from Fernand Point to Brillat-Savarin, to MFK Fisher and more. To me, they illustrated that food was far more significant than…

An Odd Kind of Comfort

20 May 2005, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

I’ve recently set up a baker’s rack in my kitchen, and I am enthralled with the sight of stainless steel and kitchen tools, just waiting to be touched. Some might find this strange, but I experience an odd sort of comfort when surrounded by kitchen equipment. The cold, smooth surfaces are like a beacon to my creative soul. Hey, we all have our quirks.