Gluten-Free: Trends and Muddy Waters

19 Aug 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in news & buzz

Gluten-free is everywhere. I saw it in every aisle at this year’s Fancy Food Show, which was encouraging, but made me wary at the same time. Tuesday’s Toronto Star echoed my thoughts. Remember that low-fat thing? Everyone thought fat was the culprit adding unwanted pounds to our tummies and thighs — until everyone realized that those products screaming “LOW-FAT” were filled with extra sugars, unhealthy carbs and glue-like substances to make up for the missing texture. Guess what’s going to happen to gluten-free when Big Food gets its hands on the genre? I’ve already passed over the “Wonder Breads” of…

My Transformation to Wellness

14 Aug 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in wellness

Four months ago I was in misery. My fibromyalgia pain had reached epic proportions, I couldn’t think straight, and I was attempting to put on a brave face so the rest of the world would not know there was something “broken” within me. After all, I was an entrepreneur and world traveler — a connoisseur of life’s decadent pleasures. But that facade was crumbling before me, and I knew I could not accept another invitation to travel until I got this situation under control, because my body simply could not handle it. So I outed myself. It was the best…

Picarones in Peru

29 Jul 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in travel, videos Play in new window | Download | EmbedWhilst I was running amok at Peru’s La Mistura culinary festival, I grabbed Chef Maricel Presilla to help me learn the secrets of picarones, a fried dough dessert that had me addicted from the first bite. Every culture seems to have a fried dough, and that’s as good as street food gets. I thought from Maricel’s description that these were gluten-free, but alas, they do have flour. This presents a fabulous challenge for me to come up with a substitute — I bet tapioca flour would be ideal. Light and fluffy, and…

Everyday Indulgences: Cucumbers

28 Jul 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in farm, indulgences

Oh, crunchy cucumber, how I love thee. And I love thee naked, pickled, puréed, sliced or diced. You give me reprieve from the disgusting heat of summer, and sometimes you just offer a little pick-me-up. That is why, when feasting on your natural beauty, with just a hint of sea salt, my 6-year-old niece approached, and I offered her a pony to go away. I needed you all to myself. *** Yes, I dig the cucumber. I admit it shamelessly and with reckless abandon. In recent years, given how sensitive my palate has become, I’ve found it impossible to eat…

Zenfully Delicious

08 Jul 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in wellness

When I wrote my last post, I was dealing with the consequences of detoxing from the foods that were giving me trouble, trying to fully, powerfully accept my new circumstances. I was wrestling with it, hoping things would change…soon. Little did I know that just one day later, the clouds would break. Now I feel fantastic. I’m thinking clearly. My body is no longer creaking and aching with every movement. Given how good I feel, no piece of bread or glass of wine seems important enough to worry about. So now I can focus on the next part of my…

Tears for Toast

30 Jun 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in wellness

Though each day seems to get a bit easier, there are times when my new lifestyle catches me off guard, and if I’m not 100% on my game, a wave of misery can knock me right on my ass.

My New Mission

28 Jun 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in wellness

Yes, I’ve got a new one. And it involves you, darlings. Come on in and take a look at what I’ve got up my sleeve.

Food as Foe

09 Jun 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in travel, wellness

Yes, I’ve been pretty quiet. As my body has adjusted the past few weeks to living gluten-free, my mind and emotions have been on a pretty steep roller coaster. I’ve also been traveling, which involves a lot of dining out, so by Day 2 of my latest trip, the most familiar words out of my mouth were “I can’t have that.”

Cue meltdown.

Spicy Beef Salad

15 May 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in recipes

In my quest for deliciousness via gluten-free goodness, I’ve been experimenting with a lot of international flavors. One of my favorite dishes is laab, a spicy beef dish (a salad, really), so this is my riff on the idea.