A Crowdsourced Christmas

16 Dec 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

Twas the night before Christmas, and Jennifer freaked out.
In the middle of cooking, her power went out.
With dozens of guests already en route,
Her feckless attempt at a meal was moot.

She went through her iPhone, Twitter and spam,
Surely someone could spare a ham.
But who would be cooking? That was the key.
With a gasp she knew, and called C.C.

“Code Blue in the kitchen!” she frantically said.
“If I don’t come up with a meal, I’m dead!”
“Don’t worry,” said C.C. “I’ve got a good vibe,
Let me call Brogan and rally the tribe.”

Together they tweeted, and asked and plead,
For able cooks to come load up the sled.
Julien arrived with tiramisu,
And Chris Penn added a bottle or two.

From near and far, the dishes arrived,
From soup to mashed potatoes with chives.
“We’d better get going,” said C.C. with haste,
“The sled’s almost full, and we’ve no time to waste.”

“What about Jen in L.A.?” said Chris,
“If we don’t stop by her house, she’ll be pissed.”
Quickly they fled to the leftward coast.
They had to hurry — this was cutting it close.

“Thank heaven you’re here!” said the bubbly Miss Jen.
“I heard the alert, and prepared a hen.
And Kelly Cline dropped by — call it fate,
But here’s a whole platter of sex on a plate.”

Meanwhile, back home, Jennifer knew
She needed a space to welcome her crew.
She called dear Brian at the Roger Smith,
“Do you guys have room, or is that just a myth?”

Thankfully, Chef Mark called ahead,
So he and Chaz set up for the spread.
Madeline arrived with cocktails in hand,
And Susan showed up with a five-piece band.

With panic, Jennifer eyed the clock.
Where were the boys — and what was in stock?
She ran to the roof to wait for them there,
Hoping there’d be enough food to share.

Like a beacon of hope the sled appeared
With C.C. and Chris — and a few reindeer.
“I told you we’d make it!” said C.C. with glee.
“You have to believe in friendship, you see.”

“Never doubt a crowd,” said Chris,
“Who believes in eating as well as this.
“There’s turkey and bread, and roast beef too,
But I did take a bite of the tiramisu.”

With a laugh, she gave them both a squeeze.
“Let’s get this inside before we freeze.”
As far as her eye could see, there were treats
To bring to life her Christmas feast.

As Chef Mark and crew laid out the spread,
Jennifer cleared the thoughts in her head.
She knew it was time for a special toast,
To celebrate friends who mattered the most.

She knew Chris and C.C. had to run,
To join their own families for holiday fun.
So when each guest had taken a seat,
She clinked her glass and rose to her feet:

“To my friends,” she began with a raise of her glass,
“Without whom I’d be out on my ass,
I thank you for showing me all through this year
That friendships like yours make life more dear.

Through struggles and triumphs I never forgot
That help was right there when my gusto was shot.
My comrades in arms, this toast is true,
From a heart so filled with love, thank you!”