Gilded Fork Cookbook: Weekly Roundup

12 Mar 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food, news & buzz, recipes

Chef Mark was kind enough to update our progress on the meaty ol’ Gilded Fork Cookbook over at CMN:

Our Gilded Fork Cookbook project is coming along nicely, and we’re so thrilled that our recipe testers have been cooking up a storm trying out our recipes. They are an enormous help to us, holding us to task on the smallest details that could be confusing to readers, including pointing out where measurements or ingredients might be misunderstood by readers from other countries. (If you’re in the US, did you know that in Canada has 4 different types of cream? We didn’t! Here we just have heavy cream and half and half. One of our testers told us that they have 10%, Half and Half, 18% and Whipping Cream!)

This week, we thought we’d feature some pictures of various dishes as photographed by different testers.

Our Dilled Crab Salad on Artichoke Bottoms recipe was prepared by Lisa Marie Tran, whom I met last year at Podcamp NYC 2, and Lisa turned out a tempting photo:

The same recipe was tested by Chef Toni Scott, a friend of mine who’s a personal chef in Austin, TX, and owner of Dinner Made Simple. here’s one of Toni’s photos:

Café Brulot is one of the signature drinks of New Orleans, and it’s included in the Mardi Gras Menu in our cookbook. Here’s another shot done by Toni Scott:

Another talented personal chef is Robyn Barber. She’s the owner of Barber’s Bistro Personal Chef Service in Middle Tennessee. Here’s her version of Café Brulot.

We’re blessed to have a number of USPCA personal chefs helping us out with the cookbook (membership has its privileges!). One of them is Lisa Brisch of Dinner Thyme Personal Chef Service in Middletown, Delaware. Lisa tried out our recipe for Milk & Honey Lavender Sorbet:

And here’s another interpretation of the sorbet from Christina Pacella, a talented young cook and budding photographer. The Pacellas are long time friends of our very own Jennifer Iannolo.

We’ll have another roundup next week, with updates on our progress. We’ve received many dozens of photos and great feedback from our testers, and we’ll feature some more next week. If you’re one of our testers, please feel free to blog about your experience cooking our dishes. We’ll be sure to include it next week!