Food Philosophy Video: The Chefs of Piemonte

23 May 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in chefs & restaurants, videos

Food Philosophy Videocast #2: The Chefs of Piemonte

I captured some video footage during my Piemonte luncheon at the United Nations, so you can see chefs in action in the kitchen and lotsa pasta — and one particular chef toward whom the camera just seemed to gravitate.

Hear the full audio with interviews on Food Philosophy #50.

Featured Chefs:
Ugo Alciati, Guido (Pollenzo)
Alfredo Russo, Dolce Stil Novo (Cirie)
Mariangela Susigan, Gardenia (Caluso)
Walter Ferretto, Cascinale Nuovo (Asti)
Marta Grassi, Tantris (Novara)
Sergio Vineis, Patio (Pollone)
Mariuccia Ferrero, San Marco (Canelli)
Pier Bussetti, Locanda Mongreno (Torino)
Stefano Gallo, Barrique (Torino)
Massimiliano Musso, Vittoria (Tigliole d’Asti)
Andrea Ribaldone, Fermata (Spinetta Marengo)

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