Views from Sicily

29 Mar 2008, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in travel

The weather has been almost perfect here in Sicily, with the exception of one cold, rainy day. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d planned, but the internet connection in Ortigia was spotty, so keeping in touch was not as easy as I had hoped.

However, we have moved along from Ortigia to Palermo, where it is not only sunny, warm and bright as can be, but the WiFi connection rocks. Score!

Hopefully you’ve been watching the videos on our home page to keep up with this week’s adventures, but I also wanted to show you some still images from our activities this week.

Yesterday we toured the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, where the ancient architecture still stands proudly on the hilltops overlooking the sea:

Well, of course I had to get in the picture! Here is the same hilltop from another view:

Speaking of views, we are staying at the Villa Igiea in Palermo, from which I have a swoon-inducing seaside view. I took this photo at sunrise, but will try to capture the view in brighter light later today.

One thing I am compelled to share is that the fruit and vegetables here (not to mention cheeses and sausage meats) have incredible flavor — not like anything you will ever taste in America, anywhere. When I arrived in my room there was a little taste of Italy waiting for me, and even the strawberries were bursting with sweetness:

Another tidbit I’m compelled to share is that we are with a FANTASTIC group of people. Some are restaurateurs from around the US, including a few of New York’s best restaurants, others are journalists, and a happy few are simply food enthusiasts who could not resist the pull of traveling throughout Sicily with the group.

We are making some wonderful new friends (and hearty eating/drinking comrades), and this trip is one of the best I’ve had in the past few years. I’ll share more later, but right now I have to hop in the shower and get down to the group! Have a great day!