The Farmosphere?

05 Jul 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in farm

I love it when technology functions as a tool to help those who might, at first glance, live a life far removed from the cyberexistence that pervades the rest of us (I, for one, seem to be chained to this laptop). Last weekend I wrote an article about farmers markets for our Hudson Valley newspaper, the Times Herald-Record, and they published an interesting follow-up story today on some local farmers who are actively blogging. This helps them to keep their neighbors apprised of what’s happening both in the fields and at the local market, and gives us, as consumers, a glimpse of what life is like among the rows of corn and strawberries. Without getting dirty feet, even.

If you are coming up for a weekend visit from the city, or live here in the Valley, take a look at the blogs for the Bialias and Dressel farms. You can learn about the crops coming into or going out of season (strawberries, for example), and find out what juicy goodies might be coming to a farmers market near you.