Off to Italy!

25 Mar 2008, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in travel

Yes, we’re on the road again, folks!

My pointy shoes are packed, and Chef Mark and I are off to Sicily for a whirlwind tour of the island, its unique gastronomic treasures and ancient landmarks. We’ll be traveling with a wonderful group of journalists (some of whom were with us on our tour of Alto Adige and Asiago), as well as restaurateur Tony May and our intrepid host Dario Chiarini.

Our journey will include an exploration of Sicilian olive oil, unique in the world for its healthful properties. It also has a fantastic pizzicante, which gives you that little (big) peppery kick to the back of the throat. For more about Sicilian olive oil, listen to my chat with K. Dun Gifford and Dr. Fausto Luchetti on Food Philosophy #60 about Sicily and the Mediterranean diet.

And if you listened to my latest Food Philosophy episode, you know that we’re trying to bring a new element to this trip with live (or semi-live) video blogging and more Fork in the Road episodes from planes, trains, automobiles, restaurants or wherever our feet happen to find us.

In addition to the food and wine frenzy, we’ll also get the chance to visit ancient sites like Selinunte, an abandoned ancient Greek city with ruins of an acropolis and numerous temples. The city was founded in the seventh century BC, and effectively destroyed in 409 BC. Selinunte’s glorious heyday lasted for a period of about two centuries, when it was one of the most progressive Greek cities in Sicily, famous throughout Magna Graecia.

For me personally, this will be a fascinating trip, as my father is from the land just across the strait of Messina in Calabria. Unfortunately we won’t be getting over there on this trip, but I am eager nonetheless for a taste of southern Italy. Let’s have a little heat and spice!

We’re very excited to take you along with us in real-time for this journey, so keep an eye on our CMN home page for updates!