Live from Italy…

19 Oct 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in travel

…it’s me! I’m on a press junket to the Regione Piemonte this week, and we’ve just finished our first day of exploring, so I’m sending along a recap before heading to din-din. We’re presently in the Lago Maggiore region, and though it’s rainy and misty today, the moodiness of the weather adds a romantic touch to the air. We visited several islands today including Isola Bella, home of the Palazzo Borromeo, which has some breathtaking grottos meticulously crafted with individual small stones, and tiered gardens accented with live white peacocks strutting about the grounds. Sadly we were not allowed to take photos of the inside of the palace, as it is still the Borromeo family’s part-time residence, but to the right I’ve included a glimpse of the streets of Orta, a town on the western border of Lago d’Orta, where we have concluded our adventures for the day (well, aside from the much-awaited meal).

I will try to blog and post photos as much as I can this week, but as we have quite a schedule to keep I can’t make promises that they’ll happen each day, particularly because we are attending the White Truffle Festival in Alba, and I might be beside myself with satiation.

I’m also recording a lot of our explorations for the Culinary Podcast Network, so stay tuned for those later in October and November.


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