FP62: Authentic Mexican Cuisine

18 Oct 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in podcast

Drop the chalupa! At least the one you think you know is an actual chalupa. When Chef Mark and I wrapped up shooting of our new On the Tequila Trail series, we headed to La Tequila restaurant in Guadalajara with our friends from Partida — and got a taste of the real thing.

From fried cheese to fried ice cream and every taste in between (including a bevy of adult beverages), we savored the spicy, smoky and rich flavors for which Mexican cuisine is legendary. We also had a chance to explore some of Mexico’s myths and legends, of which there are many.

When it came to the drinks — particularly my new favorite, the Partida Margarita — I took matters into my own hands and starting mixing right at the table, so this meal definitely had some interesting moments! I think Chef Mark might have even gotten a little tipsy…

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