FP30: Gianni Gagliardo and Tasty Beverages

20 Nov 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in beverages, podcast, travel

There’s nothing like a tasty beverage this time of year, and in addition to one fantastical flaming coffee recipe, it’s time to explore wine with Gianni Gagliardo (, founder of the famous Barolo Wine Auction. Gianni is a pioneer in the Piemonte region, where he stepped away from convention to blaze his own trail in wines — ones that are now filling my wine rack.

I’m also getting better at wine tasting, so it looks like that trip to Italy is having a domino effect on my senses. I do believe the word “toast” came out of my mouth — the bread variety, no less. I’ll be a pseudo-expert in no time.

Music: Super Hot Lady Cop by Beau Hall (, Grapes by Evan Stone (

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