Everyday Indulgences: Scent-suality

03 Jul 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in indulgences, sensuality, wellness

With all that’s happening around us, I find that my decadent and frugal sides are like rival angels on my shoulders. The stress of keeping so many balls in the air to keep things moving forward — seemingly without a minute to breathe — leaves me utterly worn out, and there are times when I simply want to indulge myself. Of course, I also want to do this without making my wallet cry. If you’ve read or heard me wax poetic on basil leaves, you know that I can find indulgence in seemingly ordinary places and things, so I’ve decided…

FP39: Lunch with Jean-Louis

05 Feb 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in chefs & restaurants, podcast, sensuality Play in new window | Download | Embed My dear friend and master chef Jean-Louis Gerin (zee big bad Beard Award winner) invited me to lunch at Opia in New York, where we got to discuss his new artisanal spiced chocolates, his chocolate body paint/spatula combo, and masculinity/femininity in the U.S. vs. Europe. There is never a dull moment when Jean-Louis is around, so this is one of the most engaging (and fun!) chef conversations I’ve ever had. Music: Beau Hall ( Food Philosophy is a production of The Gilded Fork (

Valentine’s Day Seduction

04 Feb 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food, sensuality

This is about the time of year when I start hearing from male friends both near and far. “Jennifer, I want to do something special on Valentine’s Day for my wife/girlfriend/latest conquest, but I have no idea what I’m doing in the kitchen. Can you please, please help me?” Ah, these poor lost souls. I have taught cooking lessons by e-mail, tutored in the art of sensory seduction via Skype, and generally tried to make the world a more sensual place; but I realize that even the fastest learners have limitations. So this year, instead of wringing my hands as…

FP38: The Art of Seduction

28 Jan 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in podcast, recipes, sensuality Play in new window | Download | Embed Such activities do not always begin in the bedroom; in fact, they often begin at the table. But I’m letting you non-cooks off easy this season, as it’s time to let someone else do the cooking while you set the scene. Featured Recipe: Honeyed Chai Tea I’ll also share some interesting news from Les Halles restaurant in NYC, which is recycling its used cooking oil into a source for biodiesel fuel. Music: Beau Hall ( Food Philosophy is a production of The Gilded Fork (

FP33: Tasting Wine with the Senses

10 Dec 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in beverages, podcast, sensuality, travel Play in new window | Download | Embed You’ve probably tasted wine with your tongue, but have you ever engaged all of your senses in the process? How about your retronasal passage? Explore along with me as I learn how to approach wine more sensually – and how the mind can trick us along the way. Rosina Tinari Wilson is back with a lesson in tasting, which happened during an impromptu gathering in the tasting room at Fontanafredda Winery in Piemonte. ( We’ve also got lots of wine advice for the holidays at the Gilded Fork, including wines for…

FP24: Sensuality, Gael Greene and Citymeals-on-Wheels

08 Oct 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in podcast, sensuality Play in new window | Download | Embed Food and sensuality are the perfect pairing. In my first official PodShow episode, I thought it would be handy to recap just why I think so. Then it’s time for you to hear from the legendary sensualist Gael Greene, who is not only one of the world’s most formidable bon vivants, but the co-founder of Citymeals-on-Wheels, which she established with James Beard in 1981. She and Heather Gere share the progress the organization has made, and remind us why a hot meal and a bit of friendship can be the greatest…

On Food and Sensuality

21 Apr 2004, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food, sensuality

I am often amused by the reaction I get by expressing how closely food and sensuality are related. During a recent cooking class, I was enamored with the sight and texture of a decadent custard we had just prepared. As I drizzled the pearlescent yellow cream over a dish of succulent strawberries, I couldn’t help but to comment aloud, “This, right here, is sex on a plate.” There were some puzzled looks.