Valentine’s Day Seduction

04 Feb 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food, sensuality

This is about the time of year when I start hearing from male friends both near and far.

“Jennifer, I want to do something special on Valentine’s Day for my wife/girlfriend/latest conquest, but I have no idea what I’m doing in the kitchen. Can you please, please help me?”

Ah, these poor lost souls. I have taught cooking lessons by e-mail, tutored in the art of sensory seduction via Skype, and generally tried to make the world a more sensual place; but I realize that even the fastest learners have limitations.

So this year, instead of wringing my hands as I watch said students whip themselves into a frenzy along with the fresh cream, I’ve decided to give them — and you — an out. You see, there are specialists in the realm of Valentine’s Day, and they are called chefs and restaurateurs. However, rather than encouraging you to fight for reservations and pay an exorbitant amount for a meal in a cramped dining room, I shall still encourage you to dine in — only this time we’re going to focus on ambience and leave the meal to the experts. (read more)

Note: This article is from my Sunday Magazine feature for the Hudson Valley’s Times Herald-Record. You can also see notes on the menu, decor, wine and presentation, and my Honeyed Chai Tea recipe (also available here).

Photo: Times Herald-Record/Tom Bushey

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