Baker’s Edge in the NY Times Style Section!

15 Apr 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in news & buzz

Well, our pal Matt Griffin continues to sweep the media. The Baker’s Edge was featured in today’s NY Times Style section in the article “Fire, the Wheel and, of Course, Mop Slippers.”

Here is an excerpt (Matt appears on p.2):

In Carmel, Ind., an urban planner and home baker named Matthew Griffin invented a brownie pan that ingeniously makes every brownie have at least two crispy edges. “When we launched it we thought we had a niche product,” Mr. Griffin said. “We liked corner brownies and were trying to create a new market, catering to the edge lover.”

A few small blogs mentioned the pan last fall, [Ed: Um, yes, and a prominent new food site also published the story behind its development, but never mind. :)] and then Boingboing, a popular blog that often touts gadgets, ran an item last month. Traffic to the Baker’s Edge Web site, previously averaging 6,000 hits a month, became as intense as a triple chocolate brownie. “We did 1,000 hits an hour for two weeks,” Mr. Griffin said. His small company is sold out of the $34 pans for now. Next in the development pipeline: an all-edge lasagna pan.

Yes indeed. We can’t wait to get them back into the Gilded Fork Boutique. And in fact, you can hear an update about that on the next episode of Food Philosophy, which will be available this evening.

Congratulations Matt!

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