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FP76: The Edge Brownie Pan

13 May 2008, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in podcast Play in new window | Download | EmbedInventor and old friend Matt Griffin joins me to talk about his culinary wonder, the Edge Brownie Pan, which is taking the food world by storm — even getting a nod from Martha Stewart herself. You can also find the Edge Brownie Pan in our Gilded Fork online boutique! Music: Beau Hall ( and George Fletcher’s Bourbon Renewal ( Food Philosophy is a production of the Culinary Media Network (

Baker’s Edge is Back!

19 Jun 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

After what seems like an eternity, Baker’s Edge brownie pans are at last back on the market in their new incarnation, which includes a non-stick coating both inside and out for easy cleaning. We’ve had so many requests the past few months, and unfortunately had to turn people away because there was not a pan to be had in America — so if you are still in the market for one of these babies, get thee to the Gilded Fork Boutique! food, baking, Edge Brownie Pan, Baker’s Edge, brownies, bakeware

Baker’s Edge in the NY Times Style Section!

15 Apr 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in news & buzz

Well, our pal Matt Griffin continues to sweep the media. The Baker’s Edge was featured in today’s NY Times Style section in the article “Fire, the Wheel and, of Course, Mop Slippers.” Here is an excerpt (Matt appears on p.2): In Carmel, Ind., an urban planner and home baker named Matthew Griffin invented a brownie pan that ingeniously makes every brownie have at least two crispy edges. “When we launched it we thought we had a niche product,” Mr. Griffin said. “We liked corner brownies and were trying to create a new market, catering to the edge lover.” A few…