What’s in a Glass?

10 Jun 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in beverages

I read the news this morning that Boston Beer Co. has designed a special glass for Sam Adams Boston Lager. Long a fan of the tasty beverage, I’m intrigued by Jim Koch’s efforts to showcase it at its best. There were apparently hundreds of prototypes created and tested by sensory scientists (now there are some people I need to meet), and the final result claims to showcase the beer “just as the brewer intended.”

There is an extensive description on the Samuel Adams web site which actually specifies what different sections of the glass do for the taste, i.e. “The outward turned lip delivers beer to front of tongue where sweetness (malt) is tasted.” You can see the rest of the description here.

As a sensualist, I must say that this kind of attention to the sensations of a beverage and its interaction with the palate is something that pleases my sensibilities immeasurably. Thought + sensory stimulation + passion = a very pleasurable imbibing session. Nicely done, Jim Koch.

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