Tip: Freezing Strawberries

09 Jul 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in farm, food

As you might know, it’s national berry month, and as I try to eat in season as much as possible (or at least grab the goods while they’re in season), this can mean berry doldrums for the rest of the year. However, more and more tips are becoming available for preserving fresh fruits and vegetables, and I received a tip on freezing strawberries this morning from Janie Hibler, author of The Berry Bible.

I’m liking this idea, as I can envision myself savoring strawberries with vanilla sugar over a nice shortcake come October or November. Can’t you?

Here are Janie’s tips:

– Rinse strawberries and pour them onto a baking sheet lined with a paper towel.  Pat dry with another paper towel.
– Put baking sheet in freezer until strawberries are completely frozen (about 2 hours depending on freezer temperature)
– Transfer strawberries to self-sealing plastic freezer bags and place back into freezer.

It really doesn’t get much easier. Hibler insists on freezing the strawberries in exact portions, such as pints and quarts, because strawberries become condensed when thawed (rendering them impossible to measure with accuracy).  She also recommends consuming frozen berries within a year for maximum freshness. “After that, ice crystals will start breaking down the berries’ flesh, and eventually they will lose their flavor,” adds Hibler.

You can see more ideas like this in The Berry Bible.

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