Scenes from the Road

19 Aug 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in travel

Well, we are home again as we rest up for the next trip, but we decided to capture a little slice of life on the road. P.S. Did you know that the airport in Dallas/Ft. Worth sells iPods in a vending machine? Gnarly.

As you can see, I’m always in high glamour no matter what the setting. I didn’t have much energy left at this point in the journey, though I did manage to record my latest podcast on the plane. That will be up later tonight.

Chef Mark, however, seems to have an unending stream of energy, which means I’m going to have to stuff him in cargo for the next trip. I honestly don’t know where he finds it — I’m the one drinking all the coffee!

This time I at least remembered to take a photo of myself in the actual location. Most of the time I’m so busy gathering content that I forget the “Where’s Waldo?” photo, so I’ve made a mental note to take them from now on. This is from the rooftop of our hotel in Guadalajara, so you can see the city behind me.

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