People’s Food Movement

01 Nov 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in news & buzz

Just got this release from the folks at Dave’s Gourmet (he’s the guy making the kooky presidential barbecue sauces). Interesting stuff:


Do you have a fantastic salsa or salad dressing or cookie recipe that you or a friend makes? The People’s Food Movement would like to turn it into cash for you and them. The People’s Food Movement is a new organization formed by Dave of Dave’s Gourmet, Inc,. It is dedicated to
“Take back your food” from the big food companies by introducing your own items into the food marketplace. The movement borrows from the Long Tail Theory and believes that amongst the millions of food focused people in the world are many possible products that are superior to what big company scientists are currently making.

The Movement was launched in September and already has over 500 members with a goal of 10,000 members within a year. It is free to join and members are eligible to submit products to the movement (over 100 members have already committed to submitting products). The movement evaluates the products for quality, whether it can be safely and economically manufactured, and for marketability. If the product is accepted, it gets launched under one of Dave’s Gourmet’s brands, but bears the logo of The People’s Food Movement on the label. Profits from the sales of these products are split three ways between all the members of the movement, Dave’s Gourmet, and the creator of the product.

Dave’s Gourmet is best known for their insanity hot sauces, salsas, drink mixes, and snacks. They also make Jump Up & Kiss Me Sauces and Dave’s Gourmet organic heirloom pasta sauces. Under their Palette Fine Foods subsidiary they produce exclusive jams, spice rubs, and honeys. Dave has appeared on the Food Network several times, has written a cookbook, Crazy from the Heat – The Dave’s Insanity Cookbook, won dozens of awards and has spoken at Food Conferences. Their website is or .

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