On the Tequila Trail #1: The Soul of Tequila

10 Oct 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

On The Tequila Trail #1: The Soul of Tequila

Join Chef Mark and Jennifer as they explore the Amitatan Valley of Jalisco, Mexico to discover the true soul of tequila.

Don Enrique PartidaDon Enrique Partida, who has spent his life growing blue agave, shares his poetic expression and passion for the plant. His estate-grown agave is cultivated, roasted and distilled to make Partida Tequila — and you’ll get to see every step of the fascinating process. But you won’t find any worms!

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Music: Courtesy of Talking Taco Music

Enchiladas Rojas by Frank Corrales and Ben Tavera King from Burning Desires, available as a CD and download at or

Amatitan Valley, Mexico

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