Oh, Canada…

16 Jul 2004, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in travel

I found British Columbia to be the optimal location for a July visit. The air is temperate and dry, and the views are magnificent. My travels took me from the mountain’s peak to the water’s edge as I meandered through Vancouver, Whistler and Vancouver Island.

The farmer’s market in Vancouver is a sight to behold — every stall is a study in color and texture. I could not believe the variety of exotic ingredients for sale, and was saddened that I did not have a kitchen in which to experiment. It was not so bad to settle for dining out, however, and I delighted in the choices of Thai and Indian restaurants.

Thankfully I was able to work off my decadent meals with plenty of outdoor adventure, and learned that my body is capable of a lot more than I thought. Believe it or not, this princess managed to get within 400 meters of a 14,000 foot mountain peak in Vancouver (my reward was to strap on some heels and a skirt that evening and revel in an eight-course meal). I even pedaled a mountain bike through the hills of Whistler. Ok, I walked it up some of the hills, but we’re getting mired in details. Needless to say my body was very thankful for a final few days at the beach on Vancouver Island, doing absolutely nothing.

Naturally the trip had to end with a flourish, so it was off to the Sooke Harbour House at the tip of Vancouver Island. The dining room of this quaint little inn overlooks the water, and I watched the fog cascade over the bay as I sipped my glass of champagne. The menu was a cacophony of flavors, not all of which pleased my palate, but the meal was an exercise in creativity to say the least. I did fall in love with a unique British Columbia wine that tastes like a blend of ice wine and tawny port, but sadly I could not get a bottle in time to bring home. Looks like I have an excuse to go back…