Michael Newberry

17 Jul 2004, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

I met a new friend in Vancouver, one who I hope will be in my life for a long time to come. His name is Michael Newberry, and he is an internationally renowned artist whose work lights my soul on fire. The vividness of the hues in his paintings is like no other I’ve seen, and his canvases radiate with luminosity. In the end, I discovered that his paintings are merely a reflection of his soul.

Not surprisingly, Michael and I bonded over cuisine. The first night of the conference he said to me, “Aren’t you the gourmet?” Our conversation began there and lasted the rest of the week, transcending art, food, philosophy and a shared passion for life.

My greatest pleasure was to see the joy on Michael’s face as he dined with us at Lumiere. His face lit up at the presentation of colors, flavors and textures, and I reveled in seeing him swoon with each course. His sparkling blue eyes gleamed as he appreciated the level of creativity and talent that went into the production of our sumptuous feast. Such sublime moments make life worthwhile.

Thank you Michael, for sharing your luminous soul with me.