Meanwhile, Back on the Farm

02 Jul 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in farm

Chef Mark is visiting with me in the Hudson Valley this week for a little bit of work and play, so today we decided to get our hands (and feet) dirty.

We took a drive up to New York’s Black Dirt region, famous for its onions, and visited our friend Cheryl Rogowski from Rogowski Farm in Pine Island. Her farm served as some of the backdrop for my Go Daddy commercial, so it was wonderful to see how the farm has progressed in he last couple of years.

Best of all, we got to pick our dinner! The salad you see at the right was crafted from lettuces we chose and picked from the field, and Chef Mark did his magic in the kitchen with some currant juice, beets and a pork tenderloin we picked up on the way home. For more details on the meal, see his blog entry on ReMARKable Palate.

We also recorded some fantastic conversation with Cheryl, which you can hear on Food Philosophy (Part I) and ReMARKable Palate (Part II).

And lest you’re wondering just how dirty we got, take a look at my formerly fabulous pedicure. It was worth the grime to have such a wonderful dinner and reconnect ourselves with the earth.

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