Little Drops of Heaven

12 Dec 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

My bottle of Allure Estates Olio Nuovo 2006 just arrived, and I don’t know what to do with myself. They’ve outdone themselves, because this year’s vintage is even better than last year’s; I won’t even use this one for cooking, as it is to be enjoyed solely for dipping and drizzling. More than once since it arrived, I’ve found myself sitting down to dinner with a a healthy drizzle of olio nuovo and a piece of bread, ignoring most of my meal to focus on the elixir.

There is something so pure and exquisite in a perfect bottle of olive oil — one whose potency hits the back of the throat with a peppery punch and tastes like olives at their very best moment of ripeness. Olio nuovo is the first pressing of the olives, bottled and presented immediately for consumption. Its pungent flavor and aroma is likely not for the consumer accustomed to mass-produced olive oils with little more than a bland flavor and aroma, so I like to see this as the connoisseur’s oil.

Laurie and her husband Alex shared their story with us in last year’s Artisan’s Corner article, Adventures in a Pile of Dirt, and it is one of risk, toil and soil. I hope it pays off for them in spades, because of all the olive oils I have tasted from around the world, this one is the very best.

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