FP61: Super Secret Project Revealed!

09 Oct 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in podcast

Ah, you have been so patient with my hints about our Super Secret Project, and today you’ll find out just what it is! Chef Mark and I have spent the past few months “On the Tequila Trail”, which is also the name of our new video series sponsored by Partida Tequila. Join us on the road as we show you everything from the agave plants in Amatitan to cocktails and tastings around the U.S. — not to mention that tequila should be sipped, not slammed.

Episode 1: The Soul of Tequila

I also share my thoughts about our recent travels, and some musings on the fantasy land that is Las Vegas — where I discovered the *best* Thai food I’ve ever tasted. We also had a chance to sit down with Ariane Daguin to talk about our other favorite taste: foie gras.

Lotus of Siam


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