FP54: Rogowski Farm Part I

02 Jul 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in farm, podcast

Chef Mark is here in the Hudson Valley with me this week, so we headed up to the famous Black Dirt region to visit my friend Cheryl Rogowski, proprietor of Rogowski Farm in Pine Island, NY.

Be sure to wear your headphones for this podcast, because you’ll hear everything from our tractor ride to the sounds of Bella the border collie, who followed closely behind (and sometimes right in front of the tractor!) as we made our way through 150 acres of sprawling fields. You will also hear the birds chirping away as we stopped along the rows of corn for a chat about sustainable agriculture and eating locally.

Part II of our adventure is coming up on ReMARKable Palate Podcast #98, so don’t miss it. And yes, we loved getting our hands and feet dirty!

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