FP27: The Joy of Truffles

30 Oct 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in beverages, podcast, travel

There’s no better way to celebrate white truffle season than to traipse through the Piemonte region of Italy. On my recent trip to the land of truffles, wine and hazelnuts, we got to indulge in the fine art of eating and drinking as only the Italians can, including hunting in the woods with Lady the Truffle Dog and sampling all the wonderful flavors at the White Truffle Festival in Alba (and beyond, but that’s for the next couple of shows).

I had some delightful companions on my tour, and they kept me in a state of laughter for a good portion of the trip. Such a sassy bunch. During the journey (for this show and the next few to come) you’ll hear the voices of travel writer Barbara Radcliffe Rogers, photo journalist Alison Jones (, Wine X magazine founding editor Rosina Tinari Wilson (, our host John Riggin of Partner Concepts (, and the uber-tour guide, Carol Bazzani ([email protected]).

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