Digital Love: Hot, Smart Women

30 Jan 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in news & buzz, sensuality

One of my favorite things about the digital realm: It enables me to encounter like-minded people who often bring a smile to my face and ideas to my busy brain. When I get to know them offline and in person as well, there’s the added bonus of experiencing them in glorious 3D.

I told you about my darling Emily (@EmilysPearl), with whom I have a sassfully delicious NYC adventure planned next weekend (more to come on that — *rowr*), but there are also others who ring my bell, and I’ll be sharing those with you on a regular basis. First up are three lovely ladies who have shown me serious digital love in the past couple of weeks. My turn.

Sex and the 405

I love hot, smart women. You’ve seen me mention Anais before (my dearest @avflox), whose wordsmithing tends to give me a little shiver. Someone recently quipped that she is the “Shakespeare of Sex,” and I can’t really argue with that. Intelligent and brimming with sensuality, she’s a sumptuous find for your head candy. She was the first to break the news on Sex on a Plate: LA (details soon) for Sex and the 405, and ran with my holy-crap-she’s-in-garters photo. That was an interesting blog traffic day. The full version of the photo is on her blog post, and yeah, my mom is OK with it.

Kitten Lounge

Kimmie (@cocoabebe) and I have not yet met up for drinks, but that’s an evening I’m looking forward to. Her Kitten Lounge site is full of delicious treats on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment, and is well worth a read if you wish to be as fabulous as she. With a history in fashion, accessories and PR, Kimmie has her own line of designs as well as a consulting agency for fashion social media. Kitten Lounge featured my Sex on a Plate event in their 2nd Annual Love Guide, which gave me a little squee moment.

Miss Manifesto

“Miss Manifesto is every girl you’ve ever wanted to date. She is dirty sexy, wickedly smart and fantastically blunt. She’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear, whether you want to hear it or not. She’s gorgeous, but approachable, never seen without stillettos, and is always dressed to the nines. She expects — and gets — men, and women, to do her bidding, usually before she’s asked for anything. She’s every woman’s best friend and every man’s fantasy, and she’s the newest blog network for women.” I think Colleen Coplick (@ColleenCoplick) pretty much captured everything I love about her in the above — because  Miss Manifesto captures her.

If you want to indulge in some eye and mind candy, do give these ladies a gander.