BusinessWeek, MBAs and Me

13 Sep 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

If any of you subscribe to BusinessWeek, I’m in the September 18th issue in the Fall 2006 Small Biz section. The article is entitled Hitting the Books, and questions if an MBA is needed to be successful as an entrepreneur.

From the article (following a section about the courses to choose for your MBA program):

And what if, after plenty of research, nothing seems to fit? Well, academic studies in entrepreneurship aren’t for everyone. Last year, Jennifer Iannolo thought she’d go back to school for an MBA in entrepreneurship and use that time to develop her next company. But she was rejected by Oxford University — a great stroke of luck, she now says. The 34-year-old has her rejection letter framed in her office. The day after it arrived, she dove into work for the Gilded Fork, her new online media startup. She’s hardly pining for more time on campus. Mostly, she says, she’s using “what I learned by being in the trenches.”

I think 12 years of business trenches are far more valuable than an MBA, so I’m encouraged that they decided to include an opposing perspective. And, since BusinessWeek is the world’s largest business publication, I’m rather delighted on a number of levels. :)

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