A Salute to Success

05 Mar 2004, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food

Dear Ms. Stewart,

As a female entrepreneur who has often been called impatient, intolerant, unforgiving, ruthless and any other diatribe of slurs, I’d like to salute you for maintaining your grace when others would relish in seeing your breakdown. In that respect, you did not let them win.

Few understand what it takes to achieve what you have — we entrepreneurs are in awe of it. It is those who could never achieve it who are the most vindictive, and they are eager to see you squirm. I take great delight in your response, whether it be a casual throw of a wrap around your shoulders or a pleasant smile to the press, who deserve it no more than a homeless drunk deserves a penny of your earned wealth.

We all make horrific, sometimes stupid errors that can change the course of our lives. Even the most perfectionist of us cannot be perfect all the time. I do believe one should atone for one’s mistakes, and undoubtedly you have and will. But know that even if you ultimately sit in a spartan cube, you will have brought more grace to those surroundings than others ever could.

I did not start out as your admirer. I hope one day to be your competitor. But we will fight a good fight, and a fair one. See you in the kitchen.

Kind regards,

Jennifer L. Iannolo