FP88: The Double Shot Coffee Company

25 Jan 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in beverages, podcast

DoubleShotIf you have any preconceived notions about coffee, this is a good time to cast them aside. After talking with Brian Franklin, I certainly have. Brian is the owner of The Double Shot Coffee Company in Tulsa, OK, and he is roasting the best coffee that has ever touched my lips, bar none. He has changed my whole world.

In our chat we discuss everything from picking, roasting, grinding and brewing to why most of the commercial coffee you buy (including from that big chain) is burnt, and why those enticing-looking, oily beans are bad. Step into Brian’s world with me.

Here’s the Cook’s Illustrated coffee machine test to which we referred:

I’ve also got a very important announcement about Sex on a Plate in case you haven’t heard the news!

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