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Sex on a Plate: Step Inside My Head

29 Oct 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in sensuality, travel

At BlogWorldExpo in Las Vegas, I found myself being introduced in the following manner: I’d like you to meet Jennifer. She does “Sex on a Plate.” To my pleasant surprise, many people already knew about it — or wanted to.

A Taste of Toronto

06 Apr 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in chefs & restaurants

Chef Mark and I have just returned from our “Tempt Your Tummy in Toronto” food and wine tour, and we have tons to share (info, not food, as we already feasted on that). Mark started off the Toronto recap on CMN, and we’ll continue to post more news and videos in the coming weeks. On Friday night our lovely hosts treated us to a real taste of Toronto — in the form of a 9-hour marathon of fine dining. I suppose this is somewhat like the Bordeaux marathon, only with less exercise. We had the opportunity to sample the finest…

FP33: Tasting Wine with the Senses

10 Dec 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in beverages, podcast, sensuality, travel Play in new window | Download | Embed You’ve probably tasted wine with your tongue, but have you ever engaged all of your senses in the process? How about your retronasal passage? Explore along with me as I learn how to approach wine more sensually – and how the mind can trick us along the way. Rosina Tinari Wilson is back with a lesson in tasting, which happened during an impromptu gathering in the tasting room at Fontanafredda Winery in Piemonte. ( We’ve also got lots of wine advice for the holidays at the Gilded Fork, including wines for…