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CMN Video: Food Blogger Playdate #2

24 Mar 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food, recipes Play in new window | Download | Embed CMN Video: Food Blogger Playdate: Photography & Ingredient Play We have another food blogger play date, getting together to taste new ingredients, and to photograph several dishes for our upcoming Gilded Fork Cookbook! We then explored making dishes with truffles & black garlic. Look for part 2, where we do a blind tasting of Artisanal steaks from Carrie Oliver of A production of The Culinary Media Network.

Food Blogger Playdate #2

18 Mar 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food, recipes

What’s better than cooking, eating, drinking and talking food and wine with people who love (ok, are obsessed with) the subject as much as you? Not much! We had our first food blogger playdate back in September in the Martha Stewart test kitchens, so Chef Mark decided to arrange another because these gatherings are just so much fun. This time we headed to Chelsea, where our wonderful host Tommy threw open his doors so we could run amok in his beautiful kitchen. Our fellow bloggers and food friends arrived with cameras, wines and spirits (both physical and otherwise) ready for…