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CMN Video: Fork in the Road Sicily

18 Jul 2008, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in Uncategorized

CMN Video: Fork in The Road – Sicily Jennifer and Chef Mark speak with Tony May and Gianfranco Sorrentino from GRI, or Gruppo Ristoratori Italiani, about GRI’s mission to promote the image of Italian Cuisine in the United States. Each year, they visit a region of Italy to learn about fresh artisanal products. This year, the destination was Sicily, and the Culinary Media Network came along to join in on the fun! From ancient Greek ruins, to sumptuous feasts in rustic farmhouses to Medieval Palazzi and winery tours, we took a big bite out of Sicily! A production of The…

CMN Video: Tasting Speck Alto Adige

28 Jun 2008, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in Uncategorized

CMN Video: Tasting Speck Alto Adige Jennifer visits the Johannser Hof in Chiusa, Sudtirol to learn the traditional way that Speck is made. She speaks with Franz Mitterutzner, Director of the Speck Alto Adige Consoritum, about the methods and careful regulations that govern this traditional cured meat of Northern Italy. She then tastes some of Herr Brunner’s farmhouse Speck with Lou Di Palo of Di Palo’s Fine Foods. A production of The Culinary Media Network.

FP59: The Foods of Calabria

10 Sep 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in podcast Play in new window | Download | EmbedI’m taking a little voyage through my roots in this episode as I explore some of the flavors of my father’s home, the region of Calabria, Italy. Resplendent with mountainous views of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas, Calabria (the “toe” of the boot) comprises microclimates that offer a little taste of everything — including their famous Clementine origins, which have now been given DOC status. Take a gastronomic journey with me and discover more about this little-known region — and a little more about me. Also, special thanks to Paulie Podcaster…