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Charlie Trotter: Food for Thought

31 Jul 2009, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in chefs & restaurants, food

Cooking is not really that difficult. In fact, it’s more about love and touch and caring than about special techniques or magical recipes. – Charlie Trotter It is intriguing to discover what tidbits our minds file away, only to thrust them to the surface when we least expect it. I started this adventure with the idea of presenting “Charlie Trotter on Tomatoes;” he swoons for them, too, so I was eager to capture his thoughts on such a glorious ingredient. Then I revisited his cookbooks. Though I have read them many times, my mind has been so preoccupied with his…

FP73: Food and Philosophy…The Book

16 Mar 2008, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in podcast Play in new window | Download | EmbedFood & Philosophy…the Book. Yes, there is one, and editor Dave Monroe is here to chat with me about all that entails — including my essay on food and sensuality (shocker). A former chef, Dave has taken his passion for food to the academic world, encouraging his students to see how philosophy affects every part of their lives. Did I mention he’s also a really gregarious, wonderful guy? Yeah. You can find the book Food and Philosophy: Eat, Think and Be Merry at Music: Beau Hall ( and George Fletcher’s Bourbon…

On Food and Sensuality

21 Apr 2004, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in food, sensuality

I am often amused by the reaction I get by expressing how closely food and sensuality are related. During a recent cooking class, I was enamored with the sight and texture of a decadent custard we had just prepared. As I drizzled the pearlescent yellow cream over a dish of succulent strawberries, I couldn’t help but to comment aloud, “This, right here, is sex on a plate.” There were some puzzled looks.