Rias Baixas: Wine Taste & Color with Marnie Old

31 Jan 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in beverages, travel, videos

On our visit to the Condado do Tea region of Rias Baixas, we spent the afternoon with renowned winemaker Cristina Mantilla (right), who showed us around the beautiful Pazo San Mauro vineyard before taking us inside for a tasting.

Pazo San Mauro Winery:
Wines from Spain:

We also got a wonderful lesson in wine, color and flavor from wine expert Marnie Old, whom I would like to bring with me on every wine tour from now on. She explains wine in a way that is so completely accessible and intelligent, it was like having a personal tutor along with us.

You can find all of her content, including book and how-tos, at

Disclosure: This wine tour was sponsored by Wines from Spain and the Rias Baixas wine region.