Here’s to the Crazy Ones

10 Mar 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in non-food

This Apple advertisement came out when I was getting my first “grownup” business off the ground. I was living in Boston, struggling through the often overwhelming days of startup, and here came Think Different.

It hit me so hard that I froze on my couch and burst into tears. If there was ever a moment that a brand had made me its bitch, that was it. I had the text version of the ad posted on the wall until it yellowed and curled.

Yesterday Chris Brogan‘s weekly dose of genius hit my inbox, and it spoke to this very theme. There isn’t a week where I don’t get some kind of insight or tremendous value from Chris’ newsletter — even when it’s just a reminder that it’s OK to be a misfit. Good deals are a rare find (it’s free), so if you don’t sign up, well, that’s just silly.

If you are one of those crazy ones, and you have a vision that makes you burn with passion, I salute you and everything you represent in this world. It is you to whom I look for inspiration on my dark days, and you to whom I raise my glass on the bright ones. What would this planet be without those who have said “I can do it better!” or “This could use a tweak.” Or even more poignant, “Let’s throw out the model and start over. The old one is broken.”

Those are the words of the heroic, the courageous — and the ones who keep me going. Thank you.