Food Philosophy Videocast #9: Taste of the Nation Miami

27 Aug 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in chefs & restaurants

Food Philosophy Videocast #9: Taste of the Nation Miami

After sampling some delicious morsels at Miami’s Taste of the Nation, celebrating its 20th year in the fight against hunger, I chatted with the cherubic Allen Susser, coordinating chef of the event and chef/owner of the notable Chef Allen’s.

I never cease to be amazed at the energy exuded by chefs to feed hungry people of all income levels, and Taste of the Nation is one of the finest charity events in the U.S. Not only does it benefit local food banks and charities, but it gives you, the guest, an opportunity to sample a city’s most incredible tastes under one roof for an extremely reasonable price. This is capitalism and charity in a beautiful win-win relationship.

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