FP53: The Madernassa Pear

25 Jun 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in farm, podcast, travel

The Madernassa pear is a treasure of Piemonte, Italy, and one that was almost lost when modern farming methods were introduced to create a heartier version of the fruit. Thanks to the efforts of some dedicated, passionate growers, however, the pretty pear is back and thriving. Learn some of its history, as well as the story of cugna, a regional treat.

Elena Traversa Rovera of Cascina del Cornale spearheaded the movement to revive the Madernassa pear — and encountered some interesting obstacles along the way. For those who are under the impression that Slow Food is making it easier for farmers to preserve their artisan goods, Elena’s story provides another viewpoint — and one you might not expect.

Cascina del Cornale:

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