FP50: Lunch at the U.N.

18 May 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in chefs & restaurants, podcast, travel

I recently attended a luncheon in the Delegates Dining Room at the United Nations in New York featuring a festival of tastes from Italy’s Piemonte region. Listen in as I speak with Chef Pier Bussetti, who headed up this team of the Stelle del Piemonte — Piemonte’s Star Chefs — to showcase the region’s unique pairing of tradition with ultra-modern sensibility.

I’ve also had some new ideas about that summer Dating Adventure, and think a dining club would be a helluva lot more fun.

Featured Chefs:
Ugo Alciati, Guido (Pollenzo)
Alfredo Russo, Dolce Stil Novo (Cirie)
Mariangela Susigan, Gardenia (Caluso)
Walter Ferretto, Cascinale Nuovo (Asti)
Marta Grassi, Tantris (Novara)
Sergio Vineis, Patio (Pollone)
Mariuccia Ferrero, San Marco (Canelli)
Pier Bussetti, Locanda Mongreno (Torino)
Stefano Gallo, Barrique (Torino)
Massimiliano Musso, Vittoria (Tigliole d’Asti)
Andrea Ribaldone, Fermata (Spinetta Marengo)

Music: Beau Hall (

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