FP49: The Stinking Rose

09 May 2007, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in chefs & restaurants, podcast, travel

Chef Mark and I headed out to San Francisco for a bit of work and play last week, and we were delighted to share a meal at the world-famous Stinking Rose restaurant. With a menu entirely devoted to garlic, there is no avoiding the delicious fragrance wafting from the restaurant as you pass by; so we didn’t pass it by, but stepped inside instead.

You can see our review of The Stinking Rose Restaurant Cookbook at the Gilded Fork, so if you aren’t going to be near San Francisco anytime soon, this might get you close enough to scare off some vampires yourself!

We’ve also kicked off a new challenge called Jennifer’s Dating Adventure, which just might make this summer a little more interesting (ok, we get that launching such a thing during a garlic episode may not be the best idea — work with us here).

P.S. Don’t miss the first episode of the Food Philosophy videocast, featuring footage of our jaunt to the Stinking Rose!

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