Kitchen Design Trends for 2010

17 Mar 2010, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in news & buzz

I recently started writing for Aspire NJ, a luxury real estate magazine, and when they asked me to find out what was happening in the world of kitchen design, I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Kitchens excite me. Really well-designed ones titillate me. There is something luscious in the feel of a smooth counter, and a stove with 17,000 BTU burners elicits that *rowr* inside. Needless to say, this assignment was a favorite.

Not surprisingly, I found that designers and architects were wholeheartedly embracing the “green” kitchen — with lots of caveats. I also learned that people are beginning to incorporate the living space right into the kitchen, to create more of a centralized location for family activities.

Viking came up with a luxury kitchen design that suits this need perfectly, with sleek lines, stainless steel finishes…and couches. I explored their new line at an event in the Food Network studio kitchens, and fell in love with the cabinetry. I’m a sucker for good handles.

You can read the full article, The Evolution of Kitchen Design, at Aspire NJ.

  • I think this evolution of kitchen design from a room intended only for cooking into a room intended for family living is one of the most exciting concepts yet. I have written quite a bit about it and expect to write quite a bit more, as more and more these days kitchen designers are beginning to explore the many possibilities of this concept. Europe, with their minimalist kitchen designs, is especially leading the charge into the new. The other thing that is a real boon to the movement, since counter space is necessarily restricted in these kitchen designs, is the newer innovation of using the sink as a food preparation area by the addition of sliding cutting blocks that move back and forth over the sink. I have seen any number of permutations of this concept, and all of them work.