FP31: Endangered Pleasures

27 Nov 2006, Posted by Jennifer Iannolo in farm, news & buzz, podcast

The fascists are at it again. The attempt to ban foie gras has come to New York City, and you can be damn sure I’ve got something to say about it. It is time for people to stand up for individual rights with the kind of volume typically reserved for animal rights, and that means you. Are you comfortable with the government dictating what you can and cannot eat?

Pleasures are becoming more endangered with every day that passes here in the Nanny State, and if you don’t stand up now for your individual freedoms, don’t be surprised when the Puritans are running every last detail of your existence. If you want to voice your opinion on the matter, contact your New York City Council legislators at the following:

On a happier note, and in salute to the ideal of pleasure – the kind that is both sinless and guilt-free – I’m delighted to feature a chat with entrepreneur Dick Pyle about the Truffle Tree empire he has created in Gascony. Thanks to his ingenuity and passion, you can now buy your very own truffle tree in France and partake of the bountiful treasures to be found beneath the ground.

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  • Anonymous

    Dear Jennifer,
    I’m appalled by the recent legislative movement in New York. I completely agree with you – it is not the place of our government to dictate what we can and cannot eat. As a former vegan, although I was never one for “animal rights” reasons, I can firmly state that many (yes, many) vegetarians are so because they relate, interpersonally, better with animals then with humans – thereby humanizing animal traits and behavior.
    A friendly word of caution: I would not readily place animal rights activists in the same camp as Puritans. While I will happily concede that the streak of activism that runs through America’s veins may have Puritanical roots, it is an extreme over-simplification to suggest that individuals who acknowledge the reality of sin also worship ducks and want to free Willy. They just don’t hang around together.
    On an interesting note, I’ve recently heard that New York has banned the use trans-fats in fast food vendors. Although a seemingly harmless move (they’ve only got our best interests in mind right?), it is a step in the wrong direction. Such justifications could easily lead to removing all fried foods…or maybe certain. Education, not banning is the best form of public health policy. Banning is generally the last tool used by elitist whose intelligent debate is already lost.
    Having said that my last thoughts:

    -A government that takes my duck liver away is no government of mine!!
    -Avoid sin but keep eating Ducks!

    Respectfully submitted,

    Daniel Boyle

  • Jennifer Iannolo

    Thank you Daniel. I should have made clearer that my rants on animal rights activists and Puritans were separate. Both irritate me equally. :)